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"Just ask."

Atistar Internet Services may be described as a couture hosting provider — custom solutions meeting your specific needs with great attention given to detail. Otherwise, one need only look to the name. If there is a service which has to do with the Internet, Atistar will most likely do that thing. If Atistar does not currently provide a service you need, just ask and chances are your request will be accommodated.

Please contact for more information.

If that is too general for you, here are some common services.

Email, File Storage, Shell Account

The most basic type of "Atistar account" is one which gives you the following things:


Atistar will host several types of data for you. Essentially, the same services as the basic account are available, but using one's own domain name instead of Atistar's.

DNS Any sort of DNS record may be hosted on the Atistar DNS servers. Usually this is used for:

Web Website files may be hosted under any domain that you own. Atistar may host the necessary domain records, as well as all website data.

Email Atistar may host just the email for a domain as well.

Generally, if you need to access data over the Internet, Atistar will be able to host it for you.

Off-site Backup

All Atistar systems are backed up to tape daily. It is said, if you don't take your backups off site, you are not doing backups.

Off-site backups over the network are an easy way to deal with this. With a bit of setup, Atistar can set aside some tapes for your data, and you can be sure a little fire won't melt all of your files.

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