Atistar Internet Services
"...'magic' and 'more magic'."

The hardware which makes up Atistar is modest, but reliable.


Just about everything lives in a single rack. This includes switches, web servers, and various support hardware. "Bigiron" is the big fish in the pond, and it is a hearty beast.

Perimeter Firewall

"Ice" is the name of the shield around the local network. Ice is a diskless *nix machine with a very watchful eye and stubborn attitude. Command line access is disabled for all but a few minutes per year.

Data Backup

Data is backed up to a tape library nightly. A rotation of tapes is kept off site in case of the odd explosion, or what have you.

Battery Backup

In case the power goes out, all devices between your data and the Internet are backed up by battery. There is enough battery capacity to keep things running for at least an hour, and much longer assuming minimal load.

Internet Protocols/Standards

Part of doing things the Right Way is being a responsible internet citizen. Here are some of the things which Atistar does to be a good neighbor.

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